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For some, Valentine’s Day is a commercial celebration, which works out best for florists, chocolate factories, greeting card companies and gift shops. Come to think of it, those who are in a romantic relationship, whether it is an experienced one or is still in its blooming stage, enjoy celebrating it. They might hate the pressure of buying tokens of love for their significant others, but that does not stop them. For some, Valentine’s Day is sort of a test, which proves the amount of love, compatibility and understanding there is between the couple. Has one been paying attention to the other? Would one know what his or her Valentine might prefer?

Nonetheless, picking up the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day is quite challenging. The wider the range of products, higher is the chance of unfruitful attempts at shopping for your significant other. You probably have some idea as to what to buy. Here is a list of ten worst gifts not to buy for ‘the’ universal day of love.

A bouquet of red roses: More often than not, red roses are associated with love and sensuality. Now, they have become so old school and obvious that occasion or no occasion red roses are a part of it. No doubt, roses make an absolute gorgeous bunch, whether with other flowers or on their own. However, the idea of giving or receiving them itself makes roses quite predictably standard. You might have the best of intentions to please him or her with a colossal yet, charming bouquet of roses. However, the recipient sees it as a last minute gift with no thought put into it. The last thing you want on Valentine’s Day is the recipient to feel that you do not pay attention to him or her. The day of love should be only about thoughtful, romantic gestures. If at all you wish to combine flowers and gifts, present an exotic orchid or a dozen of less expensive but more unconventional flowers on this occasion. Consider going monochromatic. Select different flowers in your beloved’s favourite colours and get it delivered to him or her when they are least expecting it.

Chocolates: Like flowers, assorted chocolates too have lost their charm as gifts for Valentine’s Day. They are equally obvious and thoughtless gift ideas, which speak of laziness. A crucial fact is that, no one eats the entire box of chocolates and it goes to waste. Since assorted chocolates are hand-picked, they enjoy exclusivity and thus deserve a little more respect than what it gets. Unless the recipient is a diehard fan of chocolates, especially the assorted kind, giving chocolates as a gift is not so wise. If that is not the case, get creative with the recipient’s favourite sweets/desserts (prepare them from scratch if the need be).

False Hope for Women: It is a universal truth; women love jewellery. However, there is one piece of jewellery, an engagement ring, which she eagerly anticipates. Therefore, it is not wise to gift a woman any jewellery, other than ring, in a ring box. If you have been dating for some time now, with no plans of getting married anytime soon, you should avoid it even more. It is cruel; she might be hoping you would pop the question sooner. There are other ways to gift-wrap small jewellery items, such as earrings, pendants, etc. in a more creative fashion.

Stuffed animal for Men: If it is a ‘No’ for jewellery in a ring box stuffed animal bearing a message of love is a double ‘NO’. Even the most romantic man would not prefer it as a gift. Sure, they are cute and squishy, and so childlike. This is why plush toys are best limited to teenage love. Besides, it is not so much symbolic to one’s love nor is it something considerate. Although, a bit clich├ęd, however, it works all the time. A chronological watch or exclusive leather products, make lovely gifts for men.

Sleepwear or Lingerie: If you are wondering what is wrong in giving racy sleepwear or lingerie to your valentine, the answer is – many things. Something, as ‘romantic’ as these gifts, is always more of a treat for the giver than it is for the recipient. If you have just started dating, lingerie shouldn’t even be on your list of gifts. Most couples have romantic fantasies. However, Valentine’s Day is not the ideal day to receive innerwear, that too to please the partner. For some reason or the other, many do not feel comfortable. Hence, it is never okay to ‘force’ him or her to wear suggestive clothing just because it’s the day of passion. Instead, engage in some naughty games for the couple, which the two of you will enjoy together.

Electrical Appliances: They make great Housewarming gifts but rotten romantic gifts. The last thing you want is to make a woman feel she needs to be more domesticated. Men, on the other hand would toss such a gift aside and never use it.

A Gift Card: If that’s what you plan to give to your partner this Valentine’s Day, it is better you do not give any gift at all. Gift cards are cold, unromantic and simply frustrating. If you are not sure what gifts to buy, take help from a close friend or family member. Better yet, you can shop for Valentine Day gifts online.

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