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Volleyball is a great sport. Everywhere you look people are playing beach volleyball in the sunlight. Whether you prefer to play on a court during the winter months or you like to meet your friends on the sand there are things you can do to ensure that your game is up to par.

When you serve the ball or spike the ball you are going to jump up and down. While sand is certainly softer than a hardwood floor you can still place a lot of heavy strain on your spine. Jumping up and down in front of the net and staying in the ready position puts strain on your lower back. Your spine and nervous system come in to play while you are jumping up and down. Your hips and lower back take the brunt of the burden when you twist and rotate your body to bump the ball. Your hips and ankles take the brunt of the burden when you set a low incoming ball and squat down to reach it. Thankfully with regular chiropractic adjustments you can heighten your performance by regularly adjusting your spine and taking care of your nervous system.

It does not matter if you are planning on becoming professional and joining the American Olympics team or if you only enjoy playing on the beach. In either case you need to ensure you take good care of your body. Without having a complete health plan you might subject yourself to increased stress on the muscles and joints. If you don’t get regular chiropractic adjustments you can exacerbate a simple turned ankle or sore lower back leading to a much more severe injury. You might put your game at risk if you do not ensure that you get regular chiropractic care. You can decrease the amount of time you get to play by subjecting yourself to further injuries. You can also reduce your healing time if you get your body adjusted for joint and muscle pain.

Lisa Rutledge, a professional beach volleyball player had this to say about her chiropractor: “I see Dr. J for chiropractic work about 2 to 3 times a week, and honestly, if I could go more, I would. I play beach volleyball and it takes a serious toll on your body. I’m traveling all over the world – I’m going to Moscow, to Rome, to Korea – and 20-hour flights are not fun. So when I get back my body is just out of alignment, it feels weird, it just doesn’t feel right. So as soon as I get off the plane I book my appointment with Dr. J and I get my adjustment and I feel 100 times better. It really does wonders for your body.”

As a young athlete nothing is more important than your health. With the best regular health care you can improve your game and get an edge on the competition. With a professional chiropractor by your side you can do all this and more. You don’t have to wait for an injury to occur in order to get chiropractic care. Whatever position you play and however often you practice each week you can always perform at your best and get the edge over your competition with regular chiropractic care. By receiving regular adjustments your game will improve as your health does.

A world class health care management system can keep you playing at your best all the time. And one major component to a complete health care program is regular chiropractic adjustments. While you might not realize it, your spine and nervous system are subject to a lot of pressure when you play volleyball. It may be a low-risk sport in terms of injuries but with regular chiropractic care you can alleviate the risk of severe spinal stress. Overall you can improve the range of motion of your spine and its function for a better edge on your competitors.

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