Customer Obsession is Necessary for Fortune 500 Companies

Google, Amazon, Apple and Facebook. All these companies are big names in the technology world with a consistently high performance report card. They have numerous achievements, consistent proven record with renowned Chief Executive Officers and founders, who make the most inspiring headlines and stories for people to follow. Undoubtedly, these are dream companies of Silicon Valley for millions of people.

Apart from being Top Ten Companies from Fortune 500 list and always being in news, they have one more significant thing in common which Jeff, Google Boys, Jobs and Mark acknowledge and reiterate in their own words. In this context, the usual thing is their obsession for customers. Interestingly, these companies and their management value each and every customer.

They keep up with their commitment to make customers happy by innovating their products regularly, getting into strategic alliances, expanding the market. The idea is to provide new offerings and consistently improving their current products and services portfolio without losing sleep over company’s profitability.

Time and again, they have taken bold decisions for choosing customers over profits. They are firm believers in the philosophy that if a customer likes using their product, they will sooner or later translate it into customer’s faith and loyalty, thereby building customer retention. This will automatically also result in higher profits in the long run.

They are quite categorical in their approach whereby they consider new business being extremely important but not at the cost of forgetting the existing user, his needs, expectations or his convenience. That’s why they always claim the customer is first as part of their business strategy. In short, they are focused towards giving excellent customer service thereby transforming the customer’s experience to awesome customer experience leading to customer delight.

These companies consistently work towards winning and enhancing customer confidence in their brand. This builds technology companies brand equity, market share and goodwill, which surely gives them an edge over their competitors in the industry.

Further, they are quick to acknowledge, act and react on customer’s feedback and proactively working on improving his experience in every transaction. The customer can share his experience on company’s portal, through calls, e-mails, chat or through other modes of communication.

Last but not the least, all this implies that the customer is the unsaid king and the supreme authority in today’s world as everything revolves around fulfilling his needs effectively. Therefore, this simply means that the Tech Giants clearly understand the significance of listening to their customer.

To sum up, I would like to end here by saying that nothing is more important than rewards coming from the king himself. And all these successful companies believe in the slogan of attaining greater heights through customer certification. Everything is feasible to achieve, be it name, fame, money, adulation, prosperity and company goals.

Source by Gaurav Dua

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