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Dolphin Olympics 2 is one of the most popular Flash games in the web today. It is simple, free and easy to control which is why even little kids can play one through the use of a computer. For sure, kid and adult alike will not get bored with playing this fun fishy game.

Dolphin Olympics 2 is the sequel of Dolphin Olympics by Alan Rawkins. Game objectives are still the same with its ancestor game; you need to flip the dolphin through the air to gain points. If you rotate, tail flip, and do other dolphin stunts on the air, and even let your dolphin soar through outer space, the more points you earn; and the higher the points you earn, the more you rank among the top players in the game’s database.

However, there are new upgraded features in new version that are much better than its ancestor game. First, the game graphics are better than the original version. You can easily see the details of the sand, waves, sky and even the planets and the stars. The game even looked real so for sure every kid can imagine that they are the dolphin.

Second, in Dolphin Olympics 2 the dolphin can now interact with different kinds of fish and attract these to follow its lead. When the dolphin jumped and the other fish followed, additional points are added to your total score. This is the opposite of the original version wherein the dolphin is alone in the ocean. For sure, the kids will love the other fish that swim before their eyes.

Third, there are the so called Magic Circles in Dolphin Olympics 2 that are composed of white and red stars that adds points to your total score and adds speed boost on your dolphin. One great technique that you can do in Dolphin Olympics 2 is to enter one of these Magic Circles in order to soar up high into outer space and rotate or do tail flipping. Soar much higher than that and you can find out the big secrets above the seas.

Fourth, the sky changes depending on the time you played the game. In the game, the sky is clear and blue in the morning, orange and the sun is down at noon, and dark and starry at night. The kids will definitely love to play Dolphin Olympics 2 at these times to see the beautiful virtual ocean skies.

Even if this game doesn’t have any ground breaking rules, it still takes right timing in order to score higher points. For example, while your dolphin is on the air you can rotate it in order to gain points. You must also point the dolphin’s head first into the water so that its speed will not lessen and gain more power for higher jumps. If you want to be in the top ten scorers, then you have to practice until your dolphin can jump effortlessly.

Dolphin Olympics 2 is a great and relaxing game so for sure every person can play this game. Learn how to move your dolphin in Dolphin Olympics 2 and maybe you will be the master of this game.

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