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Have you always been interested in the magical ability of dowsers? Wishing you could do the same thing yourself? Well the bad news is—there is no magic; the good news is—we all can dowse. Now how well you dowse, that degree of skill and ability is entirely up to you.

Just like any other skill in life, we become competent with practice, we become good with more practice plus understanding, and finally we become the master with more practice, understanding, and willingness to allow our intuitive abilities to shine through the veil we hide behind.

The purpose of this article is to outline the basics so you can begin your adventure into the world of dowsing as soon as you have finished reading. There are any number of tools that can be used to dowse, such as L-rods, Y-rods, bobbers, and pendulums. For the master dowser, tools begin to be unnecessary and a large number of tool-less dowsing techniques are employed. I will be discussing learning to dowse using the pendulum, simply because this is my tool of choice.

The First Thing You Need is a Pendulum

You can purchase one from a store or online, but if a simple tool is all you need to get started, begin by looking around your house. Any string or chain can be used which has something suspended from the end of it. I have made hundreds of pendulums in the past ten years using gemstones, crystals, stones and beads but my favorite pendulum is the necklace I wear. It is a simple quartz crystal pendant on a silver chain. It is my signature jewelry piece, not wearing it feels like walking around without underwear. So it is always with me. The trouble with my other pendulums was that I wouldn’t always have it with me then I would want to dowse something and ughhh! no pendulum. The necklace eliminates the problem. You can use a needle on a thread, a key on a keychain, a screw looped through a string. The possibilities are limited my your imagination.

Now We are Ready to Get Started:

Step 1: Get Clear

Empty your mind of any busyness that is cluttering it up…pretend there is a port hole on the side of your head… open it up, allow the thoughts, chatter, mind-mess to drain out. If you have some trouble with this, concentrate on your breathing…breathe in open space, breathe out stuffiness, continue until you feel very clear headed.

Step 2: Get Connected & Grounded

Get connected to your higher self, this is a continuation of step one, once the gunk is moved out, our higher energies have space. Use whatever means gets you into this space. I like to center myself and ask to be in perfect alignment with my higher self, by focusing my attention on the crown chakra at the top of the head, while imagining a strong golden cord between me and the Source. I then ground myself. This is done simply by visualizing strong roots growing out of the bottom of my feet, moving deeply into Mother Earth. Here I am provided with a two way flow…if I need to discharge energy it can flow into the earth to be transmuted, if I need to gather earth energy, it is absorbed upward.

Step 3: Find Your Yes & No

In order to dowse, you must know what your Yes response will look like as well as your No response. Holding your pendulum chain or string comfortably in one hand, position your elbow on a table or solid foundation. Give the direction: “Please Show Me My Yes Response”. Then let go of any expectation and wait. It may take a minute to have your pendulum show a reaction, although most people can get a response much quicker, within 10 -15 seconds on their first attempt. The swing may be a vertical or horizontal line, a clockwise or counterclockwise swing, or a diagonal to the left or right. Record what your Yes Response was.

Next give the direction: “Please Show Me My No Response.” Generally it will be the opposite of your Yes response. If your received a horizontal line for a Yes, then in most cases you will receive a vertical line for a No. This is not always the case but it is more frequently than not. Record what your No response was.

On the first few attempts the response may be a weak signal. If this is the case, you can strengthen the response just by asking. For example, when you direct “Show Me My Yes” and you get a weak (slow moving/barely moving) horizontal line, follow with the direction “Show Me a Stronger Yes”. The pendulum will move faster or quicker, in a more definite or defined way. A few times practicing this will generally result in strong swings from then on.

Step 4: Questions to Ask Before Dowsing

Dowers practice asking 3 questions before beginning. May I? Can I? Should I? The questions refer to: May I dowse for this information? Can I- do I have the ability/experience to dowse for this information? Should I dowse for this information or is it best to leave it alone?

Step 5: Some More about Your Questions

The subconscious mind is very literal and does not make assumptions…..

Be specific and clear.

Yes or No questions only! Seems basic but sometimes we forget.

Ask only one question at a time. This means: NO COMPOUND QUESTIONS.

Empty your mind, be curious to know the answer,don’t use this system to validate something you want to prove

Along the same lines, do not ask questions you have a vested interest in or are

highly emotional and you can not detach from-have someone else dowse for you.

After you ask the question- let go and let the response come through you.

Step 6: Begin to Dowse

Start dowsing very simple things until you get comfortable. Here are a few examples of what you can do:

1. You can get a partner to work with and have 2 apples in the room,one organic and one conventional. Hang your pendulum over the first apple, asking “Is this apple organic?” Your partner will know the answer and confirm your response for you.

2. Get a deck of cards, pull out equal numbers of red cards and black cards. Hang the pendulum over the card, ask “Is this card red?” Check your response. Shuffle the cards and continue practicing.

3. Have your partner sit in a chair, asking them to think of either a happy thought or a fearful thought, but not tell you what they are thinking. Hold the pendulum over their head and ask, “Is _____ thinking a happy thought?”

Other Important Things to Remember

As with any new skill: Practice! Practice! Practice! is necessary to achieve accuracy.

When you get tired-stop, period! It affects the accuracy of results.

Perform ethically.

If asking about the future, remember there is not one possible answer but several potentialities, all based on the current set of circumstances.

So now that you have some of the basics, go ahead, off with you! Have fun dowsing.

Source by Susan A. Anderson

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