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“Inspired Living”, the punch line of the globally illustrious brand of HAIER inspires people to live to luxurious with a wide range of products. Haier launched its innovative products designed keeping in mind the customers’ needs. The company claims to be producing innovative products that will transform the customer’s everyday living into inspired living. Products that promise to make your life your present better, the future best in comparison to your yester. The company promises “To be the most admired brand in India providing innovative, state of the art, user friendly products of lasting value to our customers”.

Initially the brand started with only refrigerators, but this was the scene in the year 1984. Over the past 25 years the company has grown and prospered a lot. Haier refrigerators have got worldwide recognition, despite getting a tough competition from other brands. The company has categorized their refrigerator section into four and they are: Bottom Mounted Refrigerator, Side by Side Refrigerator, Frost free Refrigerator and Direct Cool Refrigerator. All unique in their own way, equipped with newest technologies that gives you and your food a protective shield from the new age enemies like bacteria, fungi and germs.

Yes, I know that now you people are getting curious, there are many kinds of anxieties in your mind and the major one, “When there are so many other brands in the market, why should I go for Haier?”. Before the boggling game in your mind gets tougher, let’s solve it. The bodies are so formed that they take stress out of your life. The Refrigerators have the cutting edge, VC fresh technology that does the job of keeping your food healthy but also retains the nutrition value assuring you healthy living. The temperature variable compartments and inbuilt intelligence feature in some refrigerators control temperatures in relation to the climatic conditions and compartment requirement. The Microbiological Protection Technology stops the breeding of germs and bacteria, which can create unhealthy environment for food items, thus, keeping the food healthy. Each model of Haier refrigerators come equipped with an array of purposeful and user- friendly features.

These days, online shopping is very much in trend, you name it and you get it on your doorstep. You can get Haier Refrigerators through online shopping, as they are available in wide varieties on all the sites. Some of the online shopping sites, which can make purchases easy for you are:,,, and many more. By just visiting these sites you can get an quick idea about what to purchase as all the features, model types, availability at stores, prices are mentioned which can make your job very easy.

Despite having all these features, the Haier Refrigerators are not expensive and can be purchased by anybody. The range starts from Rs. 6990 only. In the lowest price range, refrigerators like Haier HRD 211 BD, Haier HRD 211 RLC/ GLC/ BLC, Haier 211 HGC/ HRC, Haier HRD 211 MRX/ NBX, Haier HRD 231 HP accommodate and their price ranging from Rs. 6990 to Rs. 10690 which makes them very suitable for any person.

Although its very difficult to make out that which is the best, but when features and budget are counted, the best is Haier HRF 321 MP which has a total capacity of 300 litres. It comes in twin door style and is equipped with frost free defrost system. Amounts just Rs.16990 which is quite reasonable any one can afford to buy these Refrigerators. So now you know why go for Haier!!

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