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Men and women often date – or worse, marry – people who just don’t have what it takes to make them happy and never will. How can you be sure you’re loving the right mate? Learning the four types of Personality Pairs gives you a simple practical way to tell if he or she is truly compatible with you.

Earth Mother or Star Woman?

Earth Mother is the nurturer, who enjoys caring for others. About 80 percent of women are Earth Mothers who have the nurturing imperative as the driving force in their personalities.

The other 20 percent are Star Women, natural born leaders and visionaries who are driven to set and accomplish goals. If you are a Star Woman you can have an especially tough time trying to fit yourself in to mainstream society’s traditional ideas about marriage.

Meteor Man or Comet Man?

The Meteor Man is a good man who accepts the influence of his woman. He likes to think he’s in charge most of the time but is usually willing to share the power and be fair. He is apt to be a loyal partner with a single-minded devotion to his woman once he aims himself in her direction.

The Comet Man is a master at consideration and cooperation. He is blessed with a more sensitive nature than most men and gets an Earth Mother-like satisfaction from being a good support person. He is less driven and often values intimacy and play more than material things.

Most Promising Personality Pairs – Which One Is Your Best Match?

All four pairings can result in a good relationship, but two require more work than others. If you want the easiest way to have a great marriage, partner with the personality type that is a natural match for you.

1. Meteor Man and Star Woman Troublesome

The Meteor Man may initially be fascinated by a Star Woman’s sparkle and spunk, but over the long run they are likely to find themselves in a power struggle. He wants things his way and she wants things her way. He is too much work for her and she is too demanding for him. This is not an easy match but it can succeed if both partners have the patience to negotiate their differences.

2. Meteor Man and Earth Mother Promising

The Meteor Man prefers to be the leader in his marriage and is generally a kind and fair-minded fellow who likes to see his partner happy. Earth Mothers are comfortable with this kind of man as leader, as long as their opinions are respected and incorporated into family decisions. These two are natural partners.

3. Comet Man and Earth Mother Troublesome

The pairing of an Earth Mother with a Comet Man is the most difficult of the four. The woman in this case will always be hoping that he will take the reins of leadership because she doesn’t always want to.

Meanwhile he will always be hoping that she will be more aggressive and more willing to exercise control. The leadership role in this marriage can be like a hot potato tossed back and forth causing disappointment for both partners.

If you are an Earth Mother who is already married to a Comet Man that you want to keep, you can improve your relationship by developing your inner Star Woman and taking charge in more areas.

4. Comet Man and Star Woman Promising

The Comet Man enjoys being a Star Woman’s best friend and head cheerleader–and delights in her accomplishments as much as his own. Her energy and zeal light his fire and propel him in her direction. He does not merely accept her influence, but welcomes it.

The only problem she might have in the relationship is learning to relax into her role as leader in the marriage. The Comet Man has a deep desire to surrender himself to a woman. It brings him joy to leave his workday role behind and pamper his lady instead.

There are more Comet Men out there than one would think. Some are quite powerful and successful in the outside world – lawyers, senators, CEO’s, and the like. Others are blue-collar men who are the picture of sexy masculine charm – construction workers, policemen, and firemen.

A smart Star Woman who is savvy and self confident enough to let her dominant side shine can easily capture the heart of a Comet Man. She must be strong and determined enough to overcome the old ideas ingrained in her subconscious about how women are supposed to behave. She must be willing to discard the need for anyone else’s approval.

When a Comet Man finds a Star Woman who gives him ample opportunity to serve her needs, he feels that he has hit the jackpot in the game of love. This “Venus On Top” role reversal type of relationship is on the rise as more men and women discover that their true happiness lies beyond the limited gender roles of traditional marriage.

Source by Barbara Wright Abernathy

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