How Your Credit Score Can Open and Slam Doors for You

When your looking around and are ready to refinance your home or condo mortgage, you are bound to see a fair number of advertisements for mortgage company’s offering “No Cost”, “Free”, Or more recently “Reduced Cost For Condo Mortgages”. Now somewhere deep down you have to ask yourself, “Why would this be free here and cost good money somewhere else?” Here’s a few tips to look for, regardless of there “No cost” offer, to ensure you get the best deal when refinancing your condo or home.

Why do some company’s advertise “No cost refinancing”? Why do other mortgage lenders have a very low flat price? Why do yet other lenders have a % based price? They make up for the “Deal” their offering you with a hyperinflated rate or get you into an a.r.m. Loan on your condo or house. They will make whatever the other companies charge plus more with these crazy high rates. So simply put. The low cost or free mortgage and condo services are not to be trusted.

The industry standard for condo and mortgage refinancing is the mortgage company usually takes a sum of .5%-.75% of your mortgage rate as there commission. For the most part, a company offering “No cost” or other gimmick offers usually tack on an additional fee for their commission ranging from another .5% to .75%. That means for you the condo or homeowner your refinancing will cost you more every single month for typically 30 years. Which is a lot of money in the long run.

Deceptive home refinancing techniques like this are used everywhere in the USA. They are easily found and spotted. There is no free anything in the refinancing industry. The only thing you can do is be smart going into it.

-M Petrone

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