Twitter is one of the top social media websites in the world and millions of people have a Twitter account. These accounts can be fun and profitable to run, but they do take time. There are many tasks you want to do if you want your account to grow and communicate with your followers. There is software out there that can automate many of these tasks. That software is TweetAdder 3.

TweetAdder 3 will automate many things in your Twitter account. These include following users, unfollowing them, sending Tweets, retweeting, sending direct messages and more. You can also use this software on multiple accounts. I have used this software and concluded that this software delivers everything it promises and it will allow you to grow your Twitter accounts automatically without having to do all the tasks manually. If you want to grow your account and don;t have hours an dhours a week to manually update it, you need to get TweetAdder.

Some good points with the software include:

1. You can run multiple accounts all at once inthe background. You can set up ten, twenty or many more accounts on the software and run all the important tasks on them.

2. You do not need to monitor the software daily. Just turn it on in the morning and it will run all day and night and perform the tasks.

3. The settings are great. You can specify the time of the day to run the tasks. You wouldn’t want to post tweets at 3 am!

4. This is great to target the people you want to follow. You can find users by looking at followers or other users, by looking in a location or by looking at keywords in their profile or tweets. This software will pull up a large group of users who fit the criteria you choose and then you can pick from there who you want to follow.

5. There is only a one time payment for this and it’s a very affordable amount too. No subscription fees here.

As far as bad points, I really had trouble finding some. This software really will grow you account and contains a large amount of settings to do this to your liking. I guess one bad point is that it’s a desktop software, so the more accounts you run, the slower the software will run, and consequently your computer. If you have a slower computer, you might be limited on the number of accounts to run on it. Especially if you use that computer for other things.

So overall, this is one of, if not the best Twitter friend adding software I have used. If you use Twitter to communicate with your friends, then this isn’t for you. If you use Twitter to market your business or want to connect with many people on a certain topic, then this software will well be worth the money.

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