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The super bike with the tag of being the fastest production motorcycle in the world was officially launched in India last year. Anyone with a healthy balance in a Swiss bank account can now step into select Suzuki showrooms around the country and ride away with the Hayabusa.

No really! The Suzuki GSXR1300, famously known as the Hayabusa, came into the limelight during the release of the Bollywood flick, Dhoom. Every motorcycle nut knew about the bike and the Hayabusa’s grey market sales boomed.

After Yamaha and Honda, Suzuki decided it was time they stepped into the picture and become the third manufacturer to start selling super bikes in India. At Rs 12.5 lakh (ex showroom, mind you), the bike is super expensive but the charm and passion of owning the fastest set of two wheels money can buy cannot be matched or replaced.

Weighing in at a porky 236 kilos, the Suzuki Hayabusa is heavy, although once on the move, the agility of this machine overshadows its dimensions completely thus shattering a few myths associated with its handling characteristics.

Show the big bike a set of twisties and it responds with a positive feedback. Even over broken roads, the suspension chews up undulations and keeps the rider almost insulated, giving a comfortable and pliant feel. With an advanced four cylinder liquid cooled engine, even the most experienced and talented of riders need to the respect the big beast.

However, ridden sanely with the rpm needle below 4000rpm, the Hayabusa responds back gently while pondering around in traffic or munching miles on the highway. Given the stick, it takes just a few seconds to go beyond 100km/h, and under the right conditions, the bike will max out at a limited 296km/h.

Three different power modes are a boon for riders not used to this kind of power. The Hayabusa is a motorcycle that most bike fanatics would love to own some day.

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