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A Table Top Fridge is one of the smaller fridges on the market today. It is a great item to own for a variety reasons. There are a number of manufacturers that make Table Top Fridges. Some of them and the models they produce are:


A British company that produces appliances for the home including cooking, refrigeration and dish washing. Tested to the highest standards, its brand of Table Top Fridges are not only practical but very stylish. The great thing about Coolzone is they have a number of table top fridges with a variety of finish and size. Models include Coolzone CZ51028, Coolzone CZ51029 and Coolzone CZ51062. Coolzone CZ51029 and Coolzone CZ51062 are very similar with a coat while Coolzone CZ51028 has a very good looking black exterior. With a range of models, provides the consumer with great flexibility and choice as to what they can purchase.

Daewoo Electronics

Daewoo Electronics produce innovative electronic goods for consumers. It is a manufacturer of goods such as washing machines, microwaves and refrigerators. Dawoo produce the model RF260RW. A nice looking sturdy fridge and as one would expect from a top manufacturer, performs beyond expected standards. The great thing about Dawoo Electronics is that as a well known brand people will make purchase with confidence.


Frigidaire is owned by the electronics company Electrolux. Striving in the production of easy to use appliances, Frigidaire manufacture the model MTRR49TTA. Easy to use and set up, it is a fridge that can fit in an apartment with the minimum of space.


Involved in making fridges for many years, offers a number of fridges including Table Top Fridges. Using the most advanced technology, Fridgemaster produce fridges to meet the budgets of most people. The model MTRR49TTA from Fridgemaster has a simple yet sophisticated design. Fridgemaster products are not only great value for money but highly efficient.


Long established British company that specialises in fridge making. A company that strives in new concepts, produces fridge and fridge freezers of varied shapes and sizes. LEC fridges will perform to the highest standards. Offers the model LC5008 NP, it is sure to meet needs especially with size concerns. This LEC fridge is compact and functional, will cater for your every refrigeration needs.


The likelihood is that Tosumi is a brand most people are unfamiliar with. It is a small organisation compared to the giants such as Daewoo, Zanussi or Samsung. Makes quite a varied spectrum of consumer electronics including the Table Top Fridge model 51030. Its an item that looks bulkier then other fridges in the category but has similar features to some top Table Top Fridges. Examples of similarity include reversible door and dairy compartment.

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