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Most men carry handkerchiefs in their pockets. These items are very handy when it comes to wiping runny noses and dripping sweat. Having a small square piece of fabric in one’s possession prevents one from going around looking for some tissue to wipe off the effluent. Aside from water, they are also of great help to backpackers and trekkers when walking under the sweltering heat of the sun, to wipe dirt and sweat off their face.

Hankies are also more economical to use when compared to the use of tissues. While tissues are just thrown after each use and will only add up to one’s garbage or litter, hankies are reusable ones. They can be washed and dried so that they are ready to be used again. Using handkerchiefs is a big favor to nature and environment, especially to the trees. Trees are rapidly losing their numbers because there’s an increase of manufacturers of paper products.

There are those who think that using a hanky is unsanitary. However, sanitation and hygiene depends on the user itself. One can actually avoid blowing one’s nose on the same dirty spot since it has enough space to accommodate one’s hygiene needs. Besides, one can use the sanitizer after each use. Somehow, it’s all the same with using tissues except that tissues are disposable. Of course, one should keep a fresh hanky everyday on the pocket in order to prevent germs from spreading.

It is good to buy at least ten pieces of handkerchiefs so that one can be sure that there will always be a fresh piece of square fabric on the pocket to wear regularly. When it comes to the choice of color, it is best to use a plain white handkerchief so it can be easy to determine the clean one from the soiled one. However, there are also some stylish white hankies that one can choose. Some of these often come at affordable prices that even buying for more than a week’s supply is possible.

To make sure that hankies are free from germs, they should be poured with laundry soap and rinsed with tap water accordingly. One can also use bleach to eliminate viruses, bacteria and stains. To mix them with other clothes, one should add one cup of bleach at full load of laundry. However, one can also bleach them separately by soaking them into a gallon of water with one-fourth cup of bleach. In the absence of bleach, or if one doesn’t want to use bleach, then one can boil the soiled hankies to eliminate viruses and bacteria. After boiling, allow them to cool down before putting them in the washing machine.

Using handkerchiefs may not be that unhygienic after all. Somehow, it would only take a good number of clean hankies for daily use as well as good washing methods to implement good hygiene. Aside from the fact that hankies are more economical and environment-friendly to use, it also makes one appear a little more refined when using them.

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