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In the business industry, large factions of employers mostly associate background check with a criminal history of the potential employee. However, this is far from the truth. It brings forth much more than just his/her criminal records. It helps you understand and prove whether all the information provided by the candidate is true to his/her knowledge to avoid any future damage to the integrity of your business.

All the information provided by the candidate is as important as the pieces of a puzzle. Any missing or wrong piece can essentially distort the complete picture. This is why a complete background check before you hire someone is of the essence for your organization.

Is a complete background check lawfully required?

Yes, it essential for any company to hold a proper work before hiring their employees to ensure safety and security of customer data and for organizational integrity. This is especially true for the organizations that handle private and personal information for sectors that include finance, healthcare, insurance, etc.

However, for any business organization, it is crucial to check whether or not the facts and figures provided by the candidate are true. This means it knows what shows up on a background check can help your business’ integrity.

Common Records that can be accessed with a background checks

When you opt for a backgroundcheck, these are the top things for which information can easily be obtained when hiring a potential candidate:

• Convictions of misdemeanors or felonies.

• Arrests.

• Court Records (Judgment, decrees, docket, orders, etc.).

• Sex Offenses.

• Warrants.

• Incarceration Records.

As per the rules laid down by FCRA or Fair Credit Reporting Act, all the criminal background information shall not contain the records for arrests or civil suits after completion of a term of seven years.

Information required for conducting a full-scale background checking

To know what shows up on a backgroundcheck, you need to have the basic information of the candidate which includes:

• Full name of the candidate including the first, middle, as well as the last name.

• Complete and correct birth date and year.

• Social Security Number.

Criminal records cannot be identified by the use of just Social Security Number. However, it plays an essential role in confirming the validity of other information provided by the candidate.

Validation of SSN

With the use of Social Security Number, employers can confirm whether or not the candidate is eligible to work for their firm in the United States. A false number provided for the same can immediately confirm that the candidate has forged his identity. You can also look for the address history and authenticity of the candidate’s name by the SSN. The validation of SSN is an important feature that plays a crucial role when understanding what shows up on a background check.

Credit Report

When opting to look for what shows up on a background checking, you will most certainly have access to the candidate’s credit report. However, you can only do so with written permission from the candidate. Employers do not have access to the credit score. However important factors can easily be looked for which includes:

• Accounts that have been placed for under collection.

• Bankruptcy.

• Loan Information

As per the regulations stated under FCRA, the employers can only see the bankruptcies till a term of 10 years from the date when the candidate was declared as bankrupt. The same applies to collection accounts till a term of 7 years only.

Driving Records

Employers can also look for the candidate’s driving records to know whether or not they have committed any criminal offense such as rash driving, illegal parking, hit n run, etc. While some employers are allowed to look for records that date to ten years back, some are only allowed to check for three years.

To sum it up, any relevant detail that might be required by an organization can be obtained. However, many employers only stick to the background checks for criminal wrongdoings. The requirement for any company might differ with regards to the industry the company is based on. All in all, background check plays a major role in deciding whether or not you should hire a potential candidate to help profit your business.

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