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As good intentions go I was remiss in keeping a few of them myself in the past, especially last year, and we can pretty much agree that 2009 was a year of great challenge and change for many of us.

Are you about ready for new beginnings?

I certainly am and intend to make the rest of this year about greater focus beginning with creating more opportunities, gains in finances, clarity and joy and, of course, more mindful travel adventures. I often write about destination spas as I believe in them for personal growth, self-improvement, relaxation, rejuvenation and reinventing self. A destination spa can also help you with clarity and define what you desire to bring into your life, especially as we continue in this new decade and to that end, I’ve come up with a Top Ten list of Intentions, Ideas and Inspiration to help you move forward.

We’re the creators of the life we want to have and albeit the lessons have been many and difficult at times, we can make positive choices now that will move us forward and take us beyond our wildest dreams. It begins with a step, and then another and then another. So if you’re ready to take action and get off the sidelines, then this is for you.

1. Most resolutions for joining a gym have faded away by now, so consider making an intention of adding more activity to your day. Take a walk, consider a yoga or Pilates class, look into a Wii (I enjoyed the baseball option with my niece and nephew). The key is to do something you enjoy and you’ll stay with it.

2. You’ve heard the phrase, “diets don’t work,” so consider cutting back, watching your portions, eating out less, adding more whole grains, lean proteins, fruits, vegetables and cutting back on salt and sugar…and doing more of #1 above.

3. Have you given up on going out? Consider inviting friends over for a night of wine tasting and conversation. Invite your friends to bring a bottle over (set a price range) and do your own tasting. Rate the wines and discover which ones are the most popular and offer the best value.

4. Are you an impulse buyer or in the habit of getting a cup of coffee just for the heck of it? First, consider if you really want or need the item and if not, put that money into a travel fund. Take that vacation you’ve been putting off and open up to a world of culture, great food, amazing wines and adventure.

5. “They” said the web would change our lives and it certainly has in many ways. So, perhaps it’s time to reconsider time used on excessive web surfing and online games (and obsessive work hours). Set an intention to reconnect with friends and family more often. It could be as simple as an afternoon or evening sharing good food, wine, games (board games or outdoor activities) and conversation. Your relationships will improve as well as your health!

6. Worriers rejoice! Live for today because we know we can’t change yesterday or obsess about tomorrow. Consider starting a journal, such as a Desire Journal and jot down what you’d like to bring into your life such as deeper friendships/relationships, healthier eating, more activity, a beach getaway, reunion with family/friends, more time for yourself, reading at least one book per month, starting a wine club, etc. What we do today will have an affect on tomorrow.

7. Are you a yes man (or woman)? Consider saying no. We can all agree that the world is moving at a rapid pace and time appears to be going by much more quickly (especially as we get older). Many of us occupy every moment with work/projects, home/life, volunteering, etc. and sometimes it’s necessary to step back and take an eagle’s eye view of your life.

8. Intend to relax more! There are many ways to relax and yes, of course I’m an advocate for going to a spa for a massage or other service, however you can set up a sanctuary area in your home as well. Aromatherapy scented candles, a comfy sitting area, soothing tea, calming music and a good book or just alone time to contemplate your life are all relaxing. Oh, and there’s that Desire Journal you started (#6 above).

9. Learn more. Is there something you’ve wanted to do and you’ve put it off year after year? Make this the year that you refocus your attention and get to it! Perhaps learning a second language, going after another degree or learning how to cook have been on your list. You name it, there is probably something on your list and if not now, then when?

10. Create your own Reality Show! Day after day we hear something about one of the reality shows. What about your own life? You have so much more to gain when you pay more attention to your own reality. Get out there. Get involved. Make a difference.

Consider starting with these ideas and intentions and let them inspire you to take the steps you choose to take to make Twenty Ten your best year.

Source by Donna Adinolfi

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