Top 3 best cleaning kits for your gadgets

Be it smartphone,cameras or computers,we all love our gadgets…Right? Who doesn’t? Please comment below and we’ll send a lollipop to your address..OK jokes apart..In this post,we are going to discuss top 3 best cleaning kits for your gadgets.

At some point of time we all have come across dusty smartphone screen or dusty computer keyboards,marks on the screen. We have all hated it Right? Poor picture quality just because your camera lenses are covered with dusts..Who loves that?

Okay,now let’s get to the cleaning part..Here are our top 3 best cleaning kits for your gadgets.


Micro-Vaccum cleaner

 vacuum cleaner for computer

laptop cleaning kits

Dusts in the tiny corner of your computer keyboard but your brush can’t reach? Annoying Right? We have got you covered. The Micro-vacuum cleaner for computers blows away the dust particles residing over your gadgets pretty easily. It works just like how a normal vacuum cleaner would. You simply have to connect the PC Vacuum to the USB port of your laptop or computer.

It includes two vacuum cleaning attachments – one bristle brush attachment and one flexible plastic tube. It is a handy dusting brush and crevice tool for your computer. It is a very useful device to keep your beloved computers and laptops clean and shining as new.Its operations are simple and easy with high effectiveness.Simply connect the Vacuum to the USB port of your laptop or Computer and go on with the cleaning process.get rid of those dust particles that are stuck between your keys and make them look ancestral.Two Vacuum cleaning attachments are included-one bristle brush attachment and one flexible rubber for computer keyboard tool attachment for easy and efficient cleaning. Requires NO external power source, as it plugs straight into any USB port. Vacuum Cleaner With Light Powered From USB Port For Computer Keyboard Include Brush. Simple connect the vacuum to the USB port of your laptop or computer. Two Vacuum cleaning attachments included-one bristle brush attachment and one flexible rubber, computer keyboard tool attachment.


3 IN 1 Multi-Purpose Cleaning:

laptop cleaning kits

laptop cleaning kits

This 3 in 1 pack includes 1 Non Drip Alcohol free & acetone free GEL,Antistatic Brush and a Micro Fibre Cloth. Safely clean your laptop or notebook computer,specially developed to clean displays without causing damage, this kit includes an alcohol-free cleaning solution that is gentle on screens and leaves behind no residue.simply spray a moderate amount of the cleaner on the microfiber cloth, and then gradually work the cloth across your screen in a circular motion.




Cyber Clean 25055 Home & Office Pop-up Cup – 5.11 oz. (145g)

laptop cleaning kits

laptop cleaning kits

And for deep keyboard cleaning or other tricky jobs,this gel is highly recommended. It’s a gelatinous mass, comprised mainly of isopropyl alcohol, that squeezes into tight spaces and picks up crumbs and hair and random gunk that fills the cracks of your keyboard, mouse, speaker grills, or anything else exposed to messy humans. It is absolutely worth the money you spend.



These 3 best cleaning kits for your gadgets will keep your gadgets absolutely cleans and shinny as new. We at AidMeChoose  always encourages our readers,to talk to us. If you come across any better cleaning kits that are absolutely worth the money ,let us know in the comment section below and we’ll have a look at it.

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