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I’ve read through some of the posts on this site and it appears that the theme is a Top 10 of things to do in a city or destination. Well being a native of the Atlantic City area I thought my contribution of some golden nuggets of knowledge towards enjoying your visit while in town would serve my fellow readers best. Now on to my Top 10 Things to Do in Atlantic City. Please bare in mind that the listing does not indicate any particular order or ranking, but all told any of these ten are a perfect option when visiting the Atlantic City area.

1.Atlantic City Beaches – Going for a Walk on the Beach – Night or day, Summer or Winter, this natural beauty is something many people forget about when they think about Atlantic City. The tip here is where and when to go to the beach depending on the time of day and time of year. In the summer it’s a no brainer. I know the phrase no brainer is one of those that journalists hate, but it really is just that. Head to the neighboring city of Margate NJ. Margate is south of Atlantic City along the coast. The beaches there are just far enough from the Atlantic City beaches that the “riff raff” that may cloud the beauty of what the beach has to offer. There is no boardwalk to crowd the area, as can be found in both Atlantic City and it’s abutting neighbor Ventnor. What’s more and this is the beauty of Margate Beaches, you’ll find a plentiful selection of eye candy from all the co-eds that visit the area for the summer. Bronzed young skin bouncing with life and verve.

2.Atlantic City Golf – Many Award Winning Courses to Choose – Sure many areas claim to have golf in there area, and I’m not saying that Atlantic City is another Myrtle Beach, but the area is home to some World Wide Recognized Courses. First, the Galloway National Golf Club. The course is an 18 hole golf shrine as it winds it’s way against the back bays of the marsh as well as wooded areas. Created by World Renowned Golf Course Architect Tom Fazio, the Galloway National Golf Club is a must visit for the serious golfer visiting the area. The next is the Brigantine Links. A whole different type of play than a normal golf course, the Brigantine Links is designed in the style of Scottish Golf links and is playable almost all year round. To round out a final suggestion on a top course to visit is the Seaview Marriott Golf Resort. The club is part of one of the premiere hotel and spa facilities on the East Coast and the course captures that excellence. Any of these are great choices, but it should be noted that the area is home to well over 20 top golf courses and links to choose from an play.

3.White House Sub Shop – An argument could be made that a sandwich is just a sandwich, but for anyone that has had the opportunity to enjoy any number of selections from the White House Sub Shop on the corner of Artic and Fairmount Avenues in Atlantic City, I’m sure they would disagree. With more than a half century in the same locale and having served some of the most famous people and entertainers in the world such as Frank Sinatra, Joe DiMagio and Oprah Winfrey, and for good reason. The subs are made with a unique style Italian roll that just can’t seem to be replicated anywhere else in the world, in addition to imported high quality meats and cheeses. Some attest that the unique blend of the local water with the dough is what creates the truly unique roll. All in all, this should be a definite stop if you make your way to the city.

4.Atlantic City Entertainment – One would be remiss to not remind all of us that Atlantic City is a headlining destination. Sure the Atlantic City Casinos have had there share of licks in the past few years due to increasing competition from neighboring states, legislation such as bans on smoking and a sagging economy, but the city, it’s casinos and entertainment venues have been bringing in top headlining acts for some time. Acts such as Jerry Seinfeld, Chicago, Fleetwood Mac, Christina Aguilera and many more have donned the stages of show rooms and the Convention Center. At any given time of the year top world class headlining acts like this can be found. If you’re planning a visit to Atlantic City in the near future it would make sense to take a look at the Atlantic City Headliner Shows Schedule for up coming months to see what might tickle your fancy.

5.Somers Point Bay Avenue – All of the action of Atlantic City isn’t necessarily in the city of Atlantic City. Some fun can be found if you venture out of the city limits with only a five minute car ride. Somers Point New Jersey is a semi famous city in the area that has been known for it’s nightlife venues for sometime. The stigma attached to the bars and watering holes of Somers Point have changed over the years, from a Doo Wop scene, to a low class drinker area to a more middle class tavern style of establishments. Notable places to visit if you’re in Somers Point include the Anchorage, which has a storied history in the area, but offers some great food and great vantage of the bay, Charlies Bar, which is known for some of the most outstanding Hot Wings I’ve ever had and Caroline’s by the Bay, which is a great spot located right next to the meadows. I can’t promise that the scene won’t be wild and on occasion full with just of age drinkers, but the more so than not you’ll have a good time.

6.Ocean City Boardwalk – In the hey days of Atlantic City, the Atlantic City Boardwalk was the inspiration for the the city once being called the “World’s Playground” and for good reason. Visitors to the shore city could find almost a carnival like atmosphere where you could find daily shows of the famous diving horse to food to amusement and games for miles. That day has come and gone and nothing could replace it or the era for which it represented. The Ocean City Boardwalk, however, may not be a replacement but sure can offer a great bit of family fun. The Ocean City Boardwalk is host to great pizza in three different locations at Mack and Mangos, where a side of Pennsylvania Dutch Birch Beer is a fine compliment to a plethora of amusements and rides. Visitors will find ferris wheels, arcades, and water rides and the smell of cotton candy, caramel popcorn from Johnson’s and the ocean itself makes for a one of the most unique and relaxing places to visit.

7.Historic Town of Smithville – If you’re truly looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city but still be only a stones throw from the action, Smithville New Jersey and specifically the Historic Town of Smithville is a great choice. Tucked away in the Galloway Township area and about 10 minute drive from the city, you’ll find a quaint commercial area full of eateries, ponds, shops and more. I’d say this is a great spot for the romantics out there that want to give a little substance to their visit to the Atlantic City area.

8.Atlantic City Cruises – Just like the beaches of the area, many forget that the Atlantic Ocean and the surrounding bay areas offer a great diversion. Atlantic City Cruises. Cruise packages offered include Booze Cruises, Dolphin Watch, Moonlight Dance Parties and just plain old sightseeing. Cruises usually last for about 3 or so hours on average and are perfect for group plans.

9.Atlantic City Jet Skiing – One more idea keeping with the overlooked maritime theme of the area, are jet skiing and wave runner spots. The area is full of independent shops that offer rentals of jet skis and wave runners to enjoy the ocean and bay areas. Trust me this is a lot of fun.

10.Atlantic City Skyline Helicopter Tour – This attraction was recently brought to my attention and just seems like a great thing to do. The Atlantic City area with it’s wide beaches, bay and nearby wooded area is incredible to see from up above.

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