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A sodomy law is a law which identifies certain sexual acts as crimes. The precise sexual acts intended by the phrase sodomy are rarely spelled in the law, but they are usually understood by legal courts that include any sex act considered abnormal. Additionally, it has a variety of similar euphemisms. These kinds of laws and regulations have origins in antiquity, and are connected to spiritual proscriptions towards certain sex acts. Modern day proponents of sodomy laws argue that there are additional reasons for retaining them.

Sodomy is most commonly legally defined as any contact between the sex organs of one person, as well as the mouth or anus of another. The word has its beginnings in Christianity. It is often which is used to mean sexual deviation, although in legal contexts it is defined as above. Throughout history, “sodomites,” generally male homosexuals and bestialists, have been punished by a largely theocratically regulated government, in hopes of stamping out “ungodly practices” which may bring divine retribution towards Christian society. In ancient Europe, intercourse involving a male field worker and a noble woman was legally considered “sodomy,” as it was thought to cause a poor harvest. The history of the idea of sodomy is tied to the Church in most every situation. The word sodomy refers to the homosexual pursuits of men in the story of the city of Sodom in the Scriptures. The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah because of the residents’ immorality became a central part of Western perceptions toward forms of non-procreative sexual activity and same-sex interaction.

The next state laws describe the legitimate penalties for consensual sexual behavior involving an individual’s sexual organs and the oral cavity or anus of another. These acts fall under the general legal rubric of sodomy or criminal offenses against nature where it is marginalized, banned, and penalized. Similar acts and questionable laws are also provided where applicable. States which attempt a logical explanation claim that these acts harm the “moral welfare” of community and they have decided that all damage to “moral welfare” may be best remedied by strict penalties enforced against the people who take part in those actions.

No state has attempted to clarify how any specific private consensual act between adults causes harm to the “moral welfare” of society but nevertheless the laws continue to be on the publications and legal administration carries on. This makes citizens to lose respect for the legal structure and to not take its laws and regulations seriously since they believe that various other laws share the same irrational, unreasonable, and uninformed basis.

Anal or oral intercourse between human beings, or any sexual interaction involving a person and an animal, the act of which can be punishable as a criminal offense. The phrase sodomy obtained distinct meanings after a while. Within the common law, sodomy consisted of anal sex. In America, the word eventually encompassed oral sex along with anal sex. The criminal offense of sodomy was deemed as a felony. Since homosexual action involves anal and oral sex, gay men were the primary focus of sodomy laws. Culturally and historically, homosexual activity was considered unnatural or perverse.

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